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Transgender Man Is on Women’s Team
Last Updated: 11/2/2010
Monday was a lazy day for Kye Allums, a typically busy junior playing Division I basketball at George Washington University. Without any classes or practice on his schedule, Allums woke up late, stopped in at a team meeting, worked on a class project, then took an afternoon nap.
Football Game Starts at 11 p.m. On School Night, Ends Next Day
Last Updated: 11/2/2010
It's not unheard of for a long, drawn-out high school football game to finish at 11 p.m. A high school game starting at 11 p.m., on the other hand, is a different matter, particularly on a school night.
Texas Teams Play 12 Overtime Thriller
Last Updated: 11/2/2010
Jacksonville and Nacogdoches high schools played the game of the night Friday in East Texas.
Mississippi Officials Probe Claims Coach Hit players with Weightlifting Belt
Last Updated: 11/2/2010
Jackson Public Schools officials are investigating allegations that the Murrah High boys basketball coach whipped players with a weightlifting belt.
Cross Country Runner Collides with Deer, Fails to Qualify for State Meet
Last Updated: 11/2/2010
Sarah Glidden has never picked up a rifle, but she's getting offers to join hunting parties for Wisconsin's upcoming gun deer season.
NCAA Football Grad Rates at All-Time High, but Top Schools Falter
Last Updated: 11/2/2010
The NCAA delivered some encouraging off-the-field news for major-college football Wednesday: Player graduation rates improved by three points in the past year, to an all-time high of 69%.
College Basketball Recruiting to Undergo Comprehensive Review
Last Updated: 11/1/2010
The issue of summer basketball recruiting will be reviewed through the Division I governance structure over the next year, with the implementation of changes possible by summer 2012.
Financial Penalties for Players Possible
Last Updated: 10/25/2010
Players who lose their college eligibility for receiving improper benefits from agents could face financial penalties upon entering the NFL draft under a proposal being considered by a panel of college and pro football officials seeking solutions to the problem.
Ohio Girl's Field Goal Believed to be Longest by Female in a Game
Last Updated: 10/19/2010
Female kickers across the country generally generate attention for two things: Playing football and being female. Akron, Ohio's Alana Gaither, however, is earning serious acclaim for a third reason: She's a truly outstanding kicker, as backed up by a recent field goal believed to be the longest ever made by a girl in a competitive football game, at the high school level or higher.
How to Make an Impact From the Bench
Last Updated: 10/19/2010
It's easy to stay motivated when you're a starter, but maintaining your skill level and attitude while you're riding the bench can be a challenge for players and coaches.
Preseason: What Are You Doing to Prepare?
Last Updated: 10/19/2010
With summer over and school in full swing, you still have several weeks before your first official practice. If you haven't been doing anything to prepare for this coming season, you better get started!
Football Player's Life Altered in an Instant
Last Updated: 10/18/2010
Amid the crash of pads and grunts of effort a few Friday nights ago, several of McLouth High's football players heard a telltale pop.
Summit to Look Into Hockey Concussions
Last Updated: 10/18/2010
Dr. Michael Stuart is concerned about concussions in all levels of hockey, and he is doing something about it.
Athletes Part of Problem, Solution
Last Updated: 10/18/2010
The headlines are both shocking and terrifying, filled with athletes who have lost control and victims whose rights seem to be trampled in the pursuit of celebrity justice.
Address Violence, Without a Broad Brush
Last Updated: 10/19/2010
The recent news about the arrest of Baylor basketball player LaceDarius Dunn on a domestic-violence charge focused on what happened and when (if ever) he will be able to return to the Bears lineup.
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