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Experience in Sports Optional for New Leaders
Last Updated: 2/3/2010
On March 8, David Brandon will become the athletic director at the University of Michigan. He will assume one of the most coveted positions in college sports, and yet Brandon has no experience in the field. He made his name instead in fast food — since 1999, Brandon has been the chief executive of Domino’s Pizza.
Widener, Greenville Hire Minority Football Coaches
Last Updated: 2/3/2010
Two Division III institutions are the most recent NCAA members to hire ethnic minority coaches to lead football programs.
'Days of Old are Over'
Last Updated: 2/3/2010
Forget about striking players or yelling obscenities. That stuff was never right in any era. But coaches these days have an obligation to know their players and get involved in their lives in ways that many coaches didn't years ago.
Expectations Shift as College Coaches' Discredits Add Up
Last Updated: 2/3/2010
Once upon a time coaches were respected and revered as pillars of their communities. The best of them sported images as never-flinching captains of their ships — flinty-eyed eminences who were tough, but fair. You could trust your kids with them.
Texas Trying to Make High School Football Safer
Last Updated: 2/3/2010
Something was very wrong with Cameron Schlegel. Schlegel, a member of his school's gifted and talented program, could barely walk and couldn't count to 20 after collapsing during a conditioning workout at football practice in the fall of 2008.
NCAA Gives Final Four Tickets to Coach After Prank Goes Awry
Last Updated: 2/3/2010
The NCAA announced last Thursday that it is giving high school girls' basketball coach Joel Branstrom tickets to the Final Four after he sank a half-court shot blindfolder during an attempted prank by his students at Olathe (Kan.) Northwest High School.
Go Faster in the Water With "Pretty" Swimming
Last Updated: 1/27/2010
When you watch an elite athlete at work—in triathlon, snow skiing or gymnastics—they all have one thing in common: their actions appear effortless and their motions are smooth and pretty.
National Underclassmen Combines Almost Here
Last Updated: 1/27/2010
After a storied 2009, where many of football's future stars honed their talents at one of 57 nationwide events, the start of the National Underclassmen Combine circuit is less than a month away.
Terminology Means a Lot in Head Trauma
Last Updated: 1/27/2010
The terms concussion and mild traumatic brain injury pretty much mean the same thing. But which term a parent hears from the doctor makes a big difference in the seriousness with which the injury is treated, a new study finds.
Indiana School District to Vote on Pay-to-Play
Last Updated: 1/28/2010
In his high school days, Indianapolis (Ind.) Franklin Township superintendent Walter Bourke was a high school basketball player.
Duquesne Cuts Four Sports
Last Updated: 1/27/2010
Duquesne announced Monday that it will eliminate baseball, men’s golf, men’s swimming and wrestling at the end of the academic year. The move, which leaves the Dukes with 16 varsity sports, is expected to save the athletics department about $1 million annually.
California Leaders Move Toward Tighter Rules for Student-Athletes with Concussions
Last Updated: 1/27/2010
California could be moving toward tough rules to protect young athletes from concussions, with new legislation and a proposal from the state's high school sports federation calling for doctors to weigh in before any injured student is allowed back on the field.
College Hockey Confronts Canadian Recruiting Challenges
Last Updated: 1/26/2010
When it comes to recruiting, college ice hockey coaches compete directly with Canadian junior leagues that offer an education, a pipeline to the NHL and - in some cases - an immediate payday to starry-eyed elite players.
Prep National Championships on the Way
Last Updated: 1/26/2010
Elite high school athletes from around the country soon will be able to add the moniker of national champion to their resume
Recruits Would Be Wise Not to Get Too Personal on Facebook, Web
Last Updated: 1/28/2010
I had planned to post an open letter to the nation's football recruits as a Facebook status update, but then I realized I'm one of those geezers who doesn't allow just anyone to view his profile. If you want to read my wall or see pictures of my kid, we probably need to have met once or twice.
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