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Sophomore year
Posted By: Justin Reho
Posted On: 2/14/2012
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In this 2011-2012 varsity season I am the 6th man on my team. I am considered one of the best shooters on the team with my shooting percentaged in the top 2 on my team. My coach likes playing me as a sixth man this year because I bring energy off the bench along with a scoring presence. This year I have played 17 games and played a nice sum of minuets in all of them for being a sixth man. I had some nice high's this season scoring 8 points twice this season 7 and 6 points multiple times this season and a couple games with scoring 3 points. Overall I have been doing pretty good as a sophomore and this year my team has a chance to win the sectional title the second year in a row and I believe I can contribute to that greatly.

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